EdgeSight Real-Time Dashboard errors

I must admit… I don’t spend a lot of time inside EdgeSight as I should.  Recently, I created a custom Real-Time Dashboard setting to monitor all our XenApp 6.5 hosts.

Since the company where I am working has a lot of remote sites in the US as well as International, I wanted to have a real-time console for our NOC where we can monitor overall performance including latency information.

Before the 6.x days I use to utilize MFCOM apps for this kind of stuff, but as we know, XenApp 6.x no longer runs with MFCOM.

After successfully implementing my custom dashboard, I kept receiving the SQL error below:

SAException caught (Description: Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -204 Table unknown CTRX_ICA_RT_PERF_V At line 1, column 207) and noticed some hosts in the Dashboard had a grey exclamation mark.


The EdgeSight agent is running in Basic mode, but an End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) metric is being monitored in the Dashboard configuration. EUEM metrics are only collected in Advanced mode.


Remove the EUEM metric from the Dashboard configuration, or simply change you EDS Agent to run in Advance mode