NetScaler 10.0 nCore themes – New build 71.6014.e

Traditionally it’s been pretty hard to customize the logon page of NetScaler AGEE.  The procedure includes making manual modifications to the pages that are hosted inside the NetScaler directories, then ensuring  the changes are retained after a NetScaler reboot.

You can read more about NetScaler themes here, and also get a good idea on how to retain the customizations here.

With the newly released CloudGateway 2.5,  Citrix also provided a new enhancement build of the Netscaler firmware “Release Build 71.6014.e” and includes a GUI choice of the Netscaler/Access Gateway Enterprise logon page, much like the latest CAG 5.4 firmware does.

There are 3 themes available; the default black screen from the CAG 4.6.x days, the new Citrix Receiver theme known as the Green Bubble and a Custom theme where you can make some custom modifications.

The one thing I don’t like at the moment, is that the theme you select will be applied as a global policy, meaning EVERY Access Gateway vServer you set up, will retain this setting.  Although you can normally block Global policies from applying on specific vServers (Block Inheritance in AD terms), I did not see an option for this firmware version.  I am sure this will change in time, much like the CAG 5.4, where you can gave multiple logon points with their own look and feel.

You can change the themes are selected under Access Gateway -> Global Settings -> Change Global Settings.



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