NetScaler VPX save config issue

If you’re running the latest build of the NetScaler VPX, be aware of the Save config bug.


After getting the VPX up and performing some changes,  I was not able to save the config.  After scratching my head a bit, I went to dashboard under the system log and noticed the following :


Every time I tried to execute “save ns config” the console displayed:

ERROR: Operation already in progress nsnet_recvrpcioctl

The Netscaler seems to still be running but was not able to restart it gracefully, when performing a VM reset, I noticed my config was lost. (ouch!)


To resolve this follow these simple steps.

  • Run the initial setup
  • Immediately after the set up, install the correct license on the appliance.
  • Save the running config
  • Reboot

After following the process above, I was able to save the running config every time and reboot the VPX without any issues.