Disable StoreFront 1.2 Desktop auto launch feature

In the good old days of traditional Web Interface, everything you did in the GUI was reflected back in the WebInterface.conf file usually located under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\NameOfYourSite\conf\.  After a while, there was no reason to open the GUI and making modifications to your WI became a very speedy process.  Specially when you had several WI sites.

A lot has changed with StoreFront, however you can still control many aspects of the interface by editing files inside the web installation directory since the GUI is now missing.

What I am really wondering now, is how this will play a role with the Citrix NetScaler Web Interface feature, where it allows you to import the 5.4 WebInterface.conf file directly into the NetScaler and run WI on it.  Time will tell I guess…

With StoreFront, when both desktops and applications are available from a site, Receiver for Web displays separate desktop and application views by default. Users see the desktop view first when they log on to the site. Regardless of whether applications are also available from a site, if only a single desktop is available for a user, Receiver for Web attempts to automatically start that desktop when the user logs on.

To change these default settings, edit the site configuration file.
  1. On the StoreFront server, use a text editor to open the web.config file for the Receiver for Web site, which is typically located in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\storenameWeb\ directory, where storename is the name specified for the store when it was created.
  2. Locate the following element in the file.
    <uiViews showDesktopsView="true" showAppsView="true" defaultView="desktops" />
  3. Change the value of the showDesktopsView and showAppsView attributes to false to prevent desktops and applications, respectively, being displayed to users, even if they are available from the site. When both the desktop and application views are enabled, set the value of the defaultView attribute to apps to display the application view first when users log on to the site.
  4. Locate the following element in the file.
    <userInterface ... autoLaunchDesktop="true">
  5. Change the value of the autoLaunchDesktop attribute to false to prevent Receiver for Web from automatically starting and accessing a desktop when a user logs on to the site and only a single desktop is available for that user.

For additional customizations of StoreFront configuration file, see this Citrix article