XenApp 6.5 Published Desktop – Multiple monitors issue

XenApp 6.5 is full of surprises…  I am currently considering making a move from concurrent user licenses to device licenses to save a substantial amount of $$$ and to double our user capacity.

With this in mind, I started to publish XenApp 6.5 Full Desktops with the Mobility SDK for a cool end user experience for mobile devices.  This will give people of a good taste of Full Desktop sessions until the new XenDesktop 5.6 is up and running.

The issue with XenApp 6.5 Full Desktops, is that sessions spread accross the screen if you have more than a single monitor.  I read some posts where you will need to disable the “Full Desktop Toolbar” on web interface 5.4 which is done by entering the syntax below.

Although I noticed better results, the issue remained.  The solution is to actually disable Shadowing which can be done via a XA 6.5 user/computer policy.  

Let me add that since it seems the push is to utilize the Desktop Director for XA and XD and most companies already a solution to connect to user devices, I did not see an issue with disabling Shadowing.  Information for Desktop Director for XA can be found in this Citrix article.

Enable/Disable Full Desktop Toolbar



More Details on the issue below:


A Published Desktop session running on XenApp 6 from a client with multiple monitors attached appears as a single monitor session.

True Multi Monitor Support is a feature of XenApp 6 running on Windows Server 2008 R2. When a multiple monitor client connects to a session, XenApp creates the same number of monitors as supported by the client, and treats these as proper monitors inside the ICA session.

This means that applications running inside the ICA session behave the same as if they were running on a client device with the same number of monitors.

When a client connects to a Published Desktop in windowed (as opposed to full screen) mode, only a single monitor is created initially in the session. An issue can occur if Shadowing is enabled for the session.


Citrix does not currently support Shadowing multiple monitor sessions because of a limitation in the underlying Operating System.

As such, when the connection is established initially, if Shadowing is enabled for the session, only a single monitor is created and supported in the session.

This is by design.


Disable Shadowing for the session using Citrix Polices.