XenApp Version 6.5 – Session Launch Issues with VMware EVC

There is a confirmed issue with XenApp 6.5 when running on a VMware Cluster where EVC is turned on.

EVC in VMware is a compatibility feature in an ESX cluster used to migrate virtual machines between ESX hosts that are not 100% identical.  When this is enabled some of the CPU features are not used as the host configure a common CPU for the VMs to utilize,  this feature however causes certain XenApp 6.5 sessions to disappear after a session is started.  According to Citrix, disabling EVC corrects the issue.

After doing further investigation, Citrix confirmed the issue is resolved by turning EVC off on your ESX cluster (Ouch!)

This does present a BIG issue as servers in a VMware cluster are most of the time not identical.

The options:

  1. Turn off EVC on your cluster (if you are able to) – EVC settings do not take effect on a VM unless the VM is powered off and then powered on (a reboot is not sufficient). As such, any features you may gain after disabling EVC will not take effect until the VM is powered off and then back on.
  2. Configure the LogoffCheckerStartupDelayInSeconds reg key on servers. Citrix confirmed that setting this key appeared to improve things. However as more users opened sessions the problem may continue.

This issue occurs in the following scenarios:

  • The Citrix Policy Client USB Plug and Play Device redirection is enabled, as shown in the following screenshot:
    : The users do not experience issues, if the Prohibited option is selected.

  • To resolve the preceding issue, complete the following procedure:
  • Create the following registry key,
    DWord (32bit) – LogoffCheckerStartupDelayInSeconds
  • Set the value of the key as 10.