Web Interface 5.4 slow start up times (not a thing of the past)

When Cirix WI 5.0 first came out, and all the Citrix geeks where jumping of joy (I was) about the new “black” look and feel, well there was sort of an issue with slow load times for the fist users hitting the site after either a reboot of your WI boxes or an iisreset.

The “problem” remains the same with WI 5.4, however lets be clear that this is not really an issue with Citrix Web Interface, but rather with the way Applications Pools are started in IIS (This by way does not happen if you run WI on Apache or WI on the NetScaler nCore firmware)

The reason for this is in the background… as the different IIS worker processes (Application Pools) need time to get started. And the .NET framework does his magic thing.

To speeds up things a little bit, you can disable the check for digital signatures.

And here we go…

Open the file: “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework (or Framework64)\v2.0.50727\Aspnet.config

Add the line: <generatePublisherEvidence enabled=”false”/> (Watch out for the “” if you copy/paste the line)


Reboot the server or give a iisreset. Now the first user doesn’’t have to wait.

But there is more. If you have a dedicated Web Interface server and the available resources aren’t that important. You can change the default 20 minutes of idle time per Application Pool to, for instance, 60 minutes.


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One Response to Web Interface 5.4 slow start up times (not a thing of the past)

  1. Greyssii says:

    Just an FYI ..Was receiving this error when runinng ConfigRemoteMgmt.exe there are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper This is due to Windows Firewall service being disabled. Enabled service and started and ConfigRemoteMgmt.exe ran succesfully.

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