XenApp 6.5 Application Pre-Launch

Ok… So I been working on a new XenApp 6.5 Farm and I am completely obsessed about all the new features.  I do admit, the change of not supporting MFCOM and doing everything in PowerShell can be a bit overwellming.  Specially since there are not many PS scripts out there on the web.  Well I decided to create my own (will post those at a later time)

What is the one of the main complains from management and USERS about XenApp (besides printing) 😛

“Why does it take too long to open an app the first time?!”

As a Citrix Engineer for many years now, I’ve manage to come up with the most entertaining explanations why… and also deployed various user profiles techniques, including, roaming, local, hybrid, AppSense and yes the almighty UPM by Citrix to help the situation.  However that darn question keeps comming up as it did at my new job.  Darn it!  this thing wont go away!

Well here is something that our good friends at Citrix did.  They introduced a new technology which is called Application Pre-Launch.

After jumping of joy and implementing it, it was not working, however there is a trick to it.  IT ONLY WORKS WITH RECEIVER 3.0 (C’mon Citrix… why do you offer something, then take it away from the new 3.2 client? and not tell anyone?).  Apparently Citrix is coming out with a fix for this (great another ICA Client?)

Enough of the chitchat… here is how to do it, and let me tell you, It works like a charm.  You just have to be careful with the amount of licenses you have, and how many users you enable this for.  You don’t want to run out of licenses for users that are not even opening XenApp Apps as this will open an session on your farm.

Requirements: (Citrix still has the client available from this hidden link)

  • Citrix Receiver 3.0 for Windows
  • Online Plugin 13.0


To configure Application Pre-Launch in XenApp 6.5, complete the following procedure:

  • Select an application for pre-launch from the AppCenter.
  • Right-click the application and select Other tasks.
  • Create a pre-launch application.
  • After you complete it, a new pre-launch application is added to the application list with an icon followed by an application name, as shown in the following screen shot.
    : Pre-launch is available only for the application’s configured users.
  • On the client device, verify the setting of the following registry key(Default Installation Values):
    32bit systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Prelaunch
    64bit systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\Prelaunch

  • Close the Receiver and then re-open it.
    : Do not start any applications.
  • It is a best practice to also set the flowing policies:
  • Pre-launch Terminate Timer Interval
  • Maximum amount of time before the pre-launch application exits (60 minutes by default)
  • Pre-launch Disconnect Timer Interval
    Amount of time before the pre-launch application disconnects the session (60 minutes by default)

Details on the registry settings can be found on this Citrix eDocs link

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Highly motivated with over 12 years experience on Citrix/VMWare/Microsoft/technologies. Exceptional communication skills and team player. CCIA – Citrix Certified Integration Architect. CCEA – Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator. VCP – VMWare Certified Professional in ESX 2.x, VI3, VI4 MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

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