Provisioned XenApp servers halt when the license server is unavailable

Ever hear Citrix Engineers say, “If our Citrix License Server goes down, we still have 30 days to recover it?”  Well that is somewhat true.  However if you are running Citrix Provisioning and are not careful, Provisioned XenApp servers stop accepting connections if they are rebooted and the License Server is unavailable.  Read this previous article I wrote on how to HA your Citrix License server with the NetScalers.

You will notice this behavior on your farm by looking at the XenApp Server load and you see a load of 20000, even when there are no users connected.  You can check the load via PowerShell on XenApp 6.x hosts as it comes with the PSSnapin preinstalled or via some GUI tools.

Some examples on how to check your Farm’s Load via PS

A simple qfarm.exe /load” will display your current server load



Another more complex way is to run the syntax below, which will allow you to see CPU/Memory utilization

Add-PSSnapin Citrix.XenApp.CommandsGet-XAZone | Get-XAServer -onlineonly | Get-XAServerLoad | format-table -auto



Some GUI options are:

  • Farm Nanny (Free) by Michel Stevelmans
  • Control Up (Paid) by the folks from SmartX which I highly recommend.


Now let’s fix this…


  • Windows 2008 R2
  • XenApp 6.5
  • UPM 4.1
  • vSphere 4.0 <-  What the heck? I know, I know :P
  • License Server 11.6.1 (or later)


The root cause for this problem is that the license server cache file MPS-WSXICA_MPS-WSXICA.ini is saved in the install directory \program files (x86)\Citrix\system32\cache, which could be unavailable when the server image is shut down.


Redirect the MPS-WSXICA_MPS-WSXICA.ini file to a network share. Read CTX131202 for additional instructions, please note this requires HRP01 for XenApp 6.5

  • On the XenApp Server Image, set the following registry value to a file share location with a UNC Path:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\Install\
  • Create the file share with the following NTFS permissions.
    : In this example the XA6LIC is the XenApp Server Computer Account not the Citrix License Server.

  • Set the following Share Permissions: 
    : In this example the XA6LIC is the Xenapp Server Computer Account not the Citrix License Server. If there are more than one computer, an active directory computer group can be used instead of specifying individual computer accounts.


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