Redirecting AGEE URL – NetScaler 9.3 52.3nc

While working with a new AGEE site for a client (, I was given the challenge to ensure that only a specific subnet is redirected to the new site while still connecting to the original url (, and ensure no one else is impacted by the redirector.

Luckily this can be achieved by setting up Responder Policies via the NetScaler


  • MPX 7500 NetScaler 9.3 52.3nc
  • AGEE


Redirect an AGEE site based on a specific clients subnet

1. All users that go to AGEE1 site simply get redirected to AGEE1 site with SSL

2. All users from the subnet that go to AGEE1 site get redirected to AGEE2 site


1. First make sure the Responder feature is turned on by right clicking “Responder” and selecting “enable responder feature”

Once it is enabled, it will look like this


2.  Now lets create Actions.  This will tell policies what to do.

Lets create a redirect action for ALL users to be redirected to AGEE1 SSL site


Now lets create a redirect action for a specific subnet and redirect to AGEE2 SSL site


Now that we have the actions defined, lets create the policies that will be assigned to your VIP

3. Create Responder polcies – The actions you created above will need to be binded to your Responder polcies

Create a policy to to match the URL (in this case then bind your previous action to redirect them to




Now create a policy that will match the url and will redirect users from the to




4. Now lets assign these Responder policies to your AGEE1 site

Notice on the screenshot below, I simply created a service name “Dummy” and gave it the NetSacalers localhost IP, this is simply to make sure the TCP 80 VIP is able to come up under the AGEE IP (Since AGEE ONLY runs under TCP 443).  Note that Responder actions will not work under down VIPs.


Head over to the “Polcies” tab, then click on”Responder” and assign the polcies you previously created.  A reminder that the lower the priority number, the higher the priority actually is.  In the case below “subnetet_users_pol” wins


Hope this helps! 🙂


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