XenApp 6.5 Session Limits

This seems to be a bit confusing,  and I think Citrix needs to do a much better job explaining/providing details how this works.  Since session policies do not apply to XenApp 6.x and only XenDesktop 5.x, there are multiple forums detailing how Citrix Admins are experiencing challenges with session handling.

Why are they there then? My gut feeling tells me that the reason why you see these policies in place, but they actually don’t work for XenApp, is that they are made for the new version of XenApp, which based on the information that is available, it will communicate to the backend via the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) and will be managed via the Desktop Director in the same way XenDesktop is currently managed.


  • Windows 2008 R2
  • Citrix XenApp 6.5


Session policies do not apply to XenApp 6.5 applications


In previous versions of XenApp, configuring the Idle and Disconnected session limits was done either from the ICA listener, or through Microsoft Terminal Services group policies.  If you have a GPO set up for your XenApp Servers (located under “Windows Components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Session Time Limits”) you will see that the “Override user settings” is grayed out.  If that is the case, make sure you take a look at the GPO and disable it.

GPO Session settings


The session limits settings in a user policy only apply to XenDesktop! so when things are not working and you scratching your head, it is not you, it is the way that things work for now.

From Citrix Support “In XenApp 6, Disconnected Session policies cannot be configured on the Console since they only apply to XenDesktop

Session policies only apply to XenDesktop


  • Click the Start menu, select All ProgramsCitrixAdministration Tools, and ICA Listener Configuration.
  • Select the ICA listener, and click the Edit option.
  • On the Session Limits tab, configure the desired value for disconnected sessions in the drop down menu in the End Disconnected Sessionsection. Click the Apply button and then click Ok.

Head over to CTX126775 to read further information and additional registry information

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One Response to XenApp 6.5 Session Limits

  1. Ben Towers says:

    I KNOW this is very old, but I am trying to get a definitive answer to a question and can’t seem to find it. Prior to 2008R2 and XA 6.5, you could configure all of the session timeouts via GPO ither in the user or the computer configuration; thus allowing groups of users longer idle timeout settings. I can’t see ANY indication this is still the case for ICA sessions, but also can’t find any definitive answer as to if it’s NOT the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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